April 2020 Tarotscope

CANCER: (June 22 - July 22) “Eight of Swords”

Fortunately, you are no stranger to self-isolation Cancer so when you
find yourself in this situation in April, whether voluntarily or otherwise, you
may be happy to know that this is perfect timing for you. Perhaps you’ve been
too busy for introspection. This hiatus from life will allow you the space and
freedom from all things “techy” to question if where you are in life presently is
where you truly want to be? If not, then search your heart and mind for ways you
can achieve a more satisfying and fulfilling role in your roadmap of life. Look
at this isolation as a gift from the Universe, offering you time out to, what
may be a once-in-a life time opportunity, tap into your inner wisdom and maybe,
just maybe, deviate from the path you’ve stuck to in order to transform and
re-generate what you wish to be when the door to your sanctuary swings open and
freedom beckons. Every cloud does indeed have a silver lining for Cancerians
this month.

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