April 2020 Tarotscope

CAPRICORN: (Dec 23 - Jan 20) ”Ten of Pentacles”

Enjoy a harmonious home life this month Capricorn. This may be very
welcome if the last few weeks or months have proved stressful or upsetting due
to the actions of others who share your home. Youngsters will follow the rules
and behave so peace will reign at least for these few weeks. There may be a
happy reunion as an estranged or absent family member is welcomed back into the
fold leading to the organisation of a small celebration. Finances will prove
prosperous due to an unexpected windfall or settlement of monies due. Unexpected
time off from work gives you an unexpected opportunity to spend more quality time

 with close family. This will lead to a closer relationship with your partner as you 

rediscover what you love and enjoy most about each other. Any difficulty falling

 or staying asleep will no longer prove a problem for you. Good news regarding a 

member of the extended family announcing a pregnancy or birth will happen nearer 

the end of the month.

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