April 2020 Tarotscope

GEMINI: (May 22 - June 21) “Ace of Swords”

Ah Gemini, at last the breakthrough you’ve been hoping for arrives! Time
to take off those rose-tinted spectacles in a relationship and see what you may
have been refusing to acknowledge for a while. However, all may not be lost, as
this may lead to clearer communication between you which clears the air and
restores your faith in each other and the future of your relationship. Those of
you planning a new beginning in life, April brings opportunities to do just
that but only if you actively seek them out. You and I know opportunity seldom
does indeed knock! Negotiations of a financial nature, contracts requiring your
signature, in fact anything related to official documents will be presented to
you for signing on the dotted line. However, be prepared to take whatever time necessary
for you to read every word before putting your name to it. Cutting through the
red tape of officialdom creates a long-awaited freedom for you or someone

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