Tarotscope March 2020


(Sep 24 - Oct 23) 

“Three of Wands”

Plan to look further afield for what you want to achieve next. Perhaps
it’s time to fly the nest or leave your comfort zone to discover what the world
has to offer for the next stage of your plans. Your ambitions are what drive
you this month the reason being it is the “right time” in the great scheme of
things, in the eyes of the cosmos, so accept and act accordingly. This may
involve a separation from those you are close to, but this could prove a
temporary estrangement. Pushing yourself to the limit in doing what you must in
order to reach a goal or achieve success comes at a cost. Trust that your
sacrifice will prove to have been worth it in the following weeks or months and
deny your conscience the power to torment you. However, a word of caution
Libra, plot a steady course so as not to be at the mercy of spontaneous or
ill-thought out plans. Preparation is the key in March.

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