LIBRA: (Sep 24 - Oct 23) “Six of Cups”

Aw, bless you Libra! These few weeks may find you revisiting memories
of happier times. Memories of being with those love, enjoying the hugs, banter,
laughter and contentment may be a double-edged sword in bringing you not only
joy but the sad realisation that this may not be possible perhaps for some
considerable time to come. However, treasure your memories, accept that there
is nothing you can do to change the reality we all share presently. Give
yourself a wee virtual shake and a “talking to!” Yes, you CAN do it. Focus on
the happy memories you can and will create when this horrible time comes to an end,
which it most certainly will, okay? At least you are blessed to love and be
loved so keep that close to your heart until it’s time to physically experience
the hugs of those who most matter to you. All you can do for them is appear (and
I realise not all of us find it easy) to be coping well which relieves them of
the added worry of seeing you wobble! Be
a wobble-free-zone for their sake.

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