PISCES: (Feb 20 - March 20) “Temperance”

Looks like this month needs to be dedicated to helping you discover the
inner peace and solace you have been so generously providing for others Pisces.
We know your soft heart mourns for those who have lost so dearly in the past
months, while offering words of comfort and a sympathetic ear to those
struggling in this dire time. As a sign of water, you tend to feel the pain of
others as though it were your own and their wounds become your wounds too.
However, your supply of compassion and caring are sorely depleted and in order
to fend off impending collapse and cessation of your reserves, you must put
yourself first. To do otherwise risks being of no use to anyone not least
yourself. It is not weakness to say you have had enough, you can give no more,
to please leave you alone. It takes strength to realise you need to rest and
recuperate before returning to the battle front fully restored and armed for
what is to come. Heed the advice of this beautiful card and retreat from the
front line.

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