SAGITTARIUS: (Nov 23 - Dec 22) “The Devil”

You may be your own worst enemy this month Sagittarius! Perhaps giving
into the temptation to gamble online beyond your means, overeating, neglecting
your self-care, and allowing tormenting and negative thoughts to plague you. In
a way, this is understandable as a result of self-isolating so very little to occupy
your mind or motivate you in keeping busy. However, the solution lies with you.
You can choose to carry on with the pursuits draining your energy and playing
havoc with your emotional, physical and mental health or, alternatively, you
can determine to regain control of YOUR life. What’s it to be Sagittarius? The
Devil only requires you to be compliant and his work is done. Is that really
what you want? Thought not!

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