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Tarotscope April 2020

  • April 2020 Tarotscope
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    PISCES: (Feb 20 - March 20) “Four of Pentacles”

    Your dreams of journeying to far off exotic lands may have been put on
    hold for a while Pisces but there’s nothing to stop you planning ahead. Retrieve
    those travel brochures from the drawer you consigned them to or, better still, send
    for new ones. Perhaps your need to travel is driven by a dream to make your
    business international, gain overseas custom, attract new investors? If so,
    although you may be restricted by present travel restrictions, there is always
    the internet, a global highway to anywhere and anyone in the world. If you feel
    you don’t possess the technical skills to do so successfully then seek out
    someone to help you. This month may find you missing someone who lives abroad
    and who hasn’t been able to visit for longer than usual. Try to find comfort in
    the fact that you’re not alone with these feelings due to present circumstances
    and, remember, it won’t be forever. Don’t share any work- or business-related
    plans or ideas but keep them close to your chest.

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  • April 2020 Tarotscope
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    AQUARIUS: (Jan 21 - Feb 19) “Nine of Pentacles”

    You can do no wrong this month regarding your working life Aquarius.
    Expect a promotion or an award of some kind or perhaps both! This may involve a
    special ceremony where you will be required to wear an evening suit/dress. Recognition
    of your hard work and dedication to whatever you have been tasked with will
    bring you the rewards you deserve. This will just be one more step in your continued
    quest for success in what you enjoy doing for a living. You may buy that new
    car you’ve had your eye on for a while, decide to move to a larger house or plan
    an exotic holiday for the future and why not, you’ve earned it. You will
    receive offers and opportunities to build on your success either in your
    present role or by being “head hunted” by a rival Company. Home life holds no surprises
    welcome or otherwise.

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  • April 2020 Tarotscope
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    CAPRICORN: (Dec 23 - Jan 20) ”Ten of Pentacles”

    Enjoy a harmonious home life this month Capricorn. This may be very
    welcome if the last few weeks or months have proved stressful or upsetting due
    to the actions of others who share your home. Youngsters will follow the rules
    and behave so peace will reign at least for these few weeks. There may be a
    happy reunion as an estranged or absent family member is welcomed back into the
    fold leading to the organisation of a small celebration. Finances will prove
    prosperous due to an unexpected windfall or settlement of monies due. Unexpected
    time off from work gives you an unexpected opportunity to spend more quality time

     with close family. This will lead to a closer relationship with your partner as you 

    rediscover what you love and enjoy most about each other. Any difficulty falling

     or staying asleep will no longer prove a problem for you. Good news regarding a 

    member of the extended family announcing a pregnancy or birth will happen nearer 

    the end of the month.

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  • April 2020 Tarotscope
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    SAGITTARIUS: (Nov 23 - Dec 22) “Knight of Cups”

    Your course of action for April Sagittarius is to be of service to
    others. A Knight in shining armour in fact. Everybody’s hero as you sacrifice
    your time and energy tending to the needs of those less fortunate through the
    tribulations of current times. Perhaps you manage a team of Carers and
    responsible for ensuring they are deployed where they are most needed. It may
    be that you are a friendly and reassuring voice at the end of the ‘phone. Your
    occupation is not just a way of earning a living but also provides you with the
    peace of mind that comes from being aware that you can and do make a difference
    in the lives of others. However, be careful not to work to the point of
    exhaustion this month but allow yourself time to socialise with family and
    friends or just chill out indoors with a good book or box set. Your “light”
    will shine brightly and prove a blessing for others this month Sagittarius.

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  • April 2020 Tarotscope
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    SCORPIO: (Oct 24 – Nov 22) “Knight of Pentacles”

    Matters pertaining to your home, health and family take precedence in
    April Scorpio. Your keyword is dependability, i.e. being where people know
    where to find you, and available for advice. New ideas on ways of earning more
    money and thus increasing the family finances could prove viable but you should
    commit them to paper and do your research before committing yourself. Travel
    plans may be put on hold so no surprise there then! However, this will prove a
    blessing considering what or who takes their place. Others may need reassuring
    that you’re in it for the long-haul and won’t bail out if and when the going
    gets tough. Make the best use of any extra free time to re-organise paperwork
    more efficiently, rearrange or purchase furniture, or just roll up your sleeves
    and organise a long-overdue Spring clean.

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  • April 2020 Tarotscope
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    LIBRA: (Sep 24 - Oct 23) “Ace of Cups”

    Time to give your busy mind a rest this month Libra as matters of the
    heart jostle for prominence. There may be a special anniversary, birthday, or
    gathering being celebrated for someone you love deeply. The surfeit of emotion
    for this person may have you feeling unusually emotional and perhaps teary at
    the drop of a hat, or at the drop of a tissue may be more appropriate now! “Logic”
    may find itself being usurped by “Emotion” which doesn’t happen very often, if
    at all, but this is the case for April, so make the most of it. Be kinder and
    more tolerant of yourself as we both know you can be prone to overthinking your
    words and actions and endlessly nit-pick.
    Just go with the flow. If you feel like treating others and you then do it and
    believe, quite rightly, that you deserve it. Be aware of the emotions of others
    close to you. You may be asked for relationship advice by someone close and
    that may be the perfect time to allow “Logic” parole!

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  • April 2020 Tarotscope
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    VIRGO: (Aug 22 - Sep 23) ”Eight of Wands”

    You may be making plans to travel in the future Virgo, which may be
    some months away yet. Many of you may feel estranged from those you love and
    find it becoming more and more difficult to be patient. However, you’ll be
    reassured to learn that this card indicates life becoming much more positive quite
    quickly this month. It asks you to visualise and plan for when life gradually
    returns to normal or as normal as they can be considering what we’ve all been
    experiencing for months. It urges you not to lose hope. Do what you can to
    reach out and set up lines of communication with your family, friends and
    colleagues, especially those alone and more isolated. Be creative with your
    time and use it doing what you do best, organising, for the benefit of others. A
    group you’re involved with may ask you to undertake a specific role which calls
    for the skills and abilities that come easy to you. This may involve compiling
    a weekly or monthly group newsletter.

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  • April 2020 Tarotscope
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    LEO: (July 23 - Aug 21) ”King of Wands”

    The wonderful King of Wands tells us there’s no stopping you this month
    Leo! Not that that’s a surprise! Your canny mind is brimming over with new
    ideas, especially in relation to making speedy financial gains. The phrase “One,
    man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure” springs to mind. However, it’s
    reassuring and inspirational to others to witness your positive attitude and
    willingness to make the best out of the somewhat dire situation the world finds
    itself in presently. Being called upon to use your leadership skills will further
    inflate your already healthy ego but, as you always do Leo, you will prove the
    trust placed in you well merited. People will be drawn to you for guidance and
    a chance to be in the presence of someone upbeat, positive and a ray of sunshine
    in the gloom and doom of present-day life.

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  • April 2020 Tarotscope
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    CANCER: (June 22 - July 22) “Eight of Swords”

    Fortunately, you are no stranger to self-isolation Cancer so when you
    find yourself in this situation in April, whether voluntarily or otherwise, you
    may be happy to know that this is perfect timing for you. Perhaps you’ve been
    too busy for introspection. This hiatus from life will allow you the space and
    freedom from all things “techy” to question if where you are in life presently is
    where you truly want to be? If not, then search your heart and mind for ways you
    can achieve a more satisfying and fulfilling role in your roadmap of life. Look
    at this isolation as a gift from the Universe, offering you time out to, what
    may be a once-in-a life time opportunity, tap into your inner wisdom and maybe,
    just maybe, deviate from the path you’ve stuck to in order to transform and
    re-generate what you wish to be when the door to your sanctuary swings open and
    freedom beckons. Every cloud does indeed have a silver lining for Cancerians
    this month.

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  • April 2020 Tarotscope
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    GEMINI: (May 22 - June 21) “Ace of Swords”

    Ah Gemini, at last the breakthrough you’ve been hoping for arrives! Time
    to take off those rose-tinted spectacles in a relationship and see what you may
    have been refusing to acknowledge for a while. However, all may not be lost, as
    this may lead to clearer communication between you which clears the air and
    restores your faith in each other and the future of your relationship. Those of
    you planning a new beginning in life, April brings opportunities to do just
    that but only if you actively seek them out. You and I know opportunity seldom
    does indeed knock! Negotiations of a financial nature, contracts requiring your
    signature, in fact anything related to official documents will be presented to
    you for signing on the dotted line. However, be prepared to take whatever time necessary
    for you to read every word before putting your name to it. Cutting through the
    red tape of officialdom creates a long-awaited freedom for you or someone

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  • April 2020 Tarotscope
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    TAURUS: (Apr 21 - May 21) “Knight of Swords”

    Perseverance prevails for you in April Taurus, and gathering
    speed propels you forward towards what or who calls you. There may be battles
    to be fought and won, challenges acknowledged and undertaken, problems faced
    and resolved. Whatever you’re called upon to deal with will be done at speed so
    think carefully before acting as there will be no going back or room for regret
    in the future. Fighting on against the odds and going against the grain will
    not stop you as your focus will be on gaining ground not retreating. Yours may
    be the only voice of reason saying what needs to be said in the face of a
    majority of those who would silence you. Your Sword of Truth will prove
    mightier than the untruths you will face from the herd so stay true to your
    beliefs and forge ahead.

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  • April 2020 Tarotscope
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    ARIES: (Mar 21 - Apr 20) ”Five of Swords”

    Conflicts will be successfully resolved in your
    favour during April Aries, so a positive start to the month you’ll be happy to
    hear. Relationships will become more stable due to clearer communication
    regarding the wants and needs of those involved. If you’ve been wondering when the
    right time would be to look for another job or promotion in your present role then
    go for it! Don’t be shy in in highlighting your particular skills and abilities
    as, if you don’t, you may just miss out on the perfect job or career change. Be
    bold, be positive, be confident. Those
    of you working in a literary or academic role will be offered opportunities to
    climb the ladder of success. Thinking of writing “that” book? Again, go for it!
    Remember to be generous to those who may have lost out on what you have gained.

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