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Tarotscope May 2020

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    PISCES: (Feb 20 - March 20) “Temperance”

    Looks like this month needs to be dedicated to helping you discover the
    inner peace and solace you have been so generously providing for others Pisces.
    We know your soft heart mourns for those who have lost so dearly in the past
    months, while offering words of comfort and a sympathetic ear to those
    struggling in this dire time. As a sign of water, you tend to feel the pain of
    others as though it were your own and their wounds become your wounds too.
    However, your supply of compassion and caring are sorely depleted and in order
    to fend off impending collapse and cessation of your reserves, you must put
    yourself first. To do otherwise risks being of no use to anyone not least
    yourself. It is not weakness to say you have had enough, you can give no more,
    to please leave you alone. It takes strength to realise you need to rest and
    recuperate before returning to the battle front fully restored and armed for
    what is to come. Heed the advice of this beautiful card and retreat from the
    front line.

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    AQUARIUS: (Jan 21 - Feb 19) “Knight of Wands”

    Raring to go, that’s your mantra for May Aquarius and don’t you know
    it! Something or someone has given you a reason to feel optimistic about the future
    and lit the spark necessary to light your fire. Use your newfound energy and
    enthusiasm in the best way possible in the service of others. Your need to be
    of use to a just cause and prove your worth will be priceless to the
    appropriate organisation or workplace. Perhaps volunteering your skills either
    part or full-time will satisfy your craving to make your days full and
    worthwhile. You won’t be content with sitting indoors watching boxsets as your
    energy levels will be on maximum setting so don’t fight it, use it! As a
    natural leader others will flock to your banner, willing to be led to victory.
    All it needs is for you to choose which cause means the most to you and lead
    from the front.

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    CAPRICORN: (Dec 23 - Jan 20) ”Ace of Pentacles”

    You may be offered, or come up with, an opportunity to earn some money
    during your self-isolation Capricorn. This may be as the result of a
    collaboration with another in pooling your time and/or resources in establishing
    a new business or committing to working together towards a future goal when the
    time is right. This month may also provide
    you with the insight you may have lacked in resolving a long-standing dispute
    with a large organisation. Do not hesitate to ask for professional advice from
    those skilled in negotiation or mediation. Being too close to what is going on
    may have prevented you from being able to see what is really going on and
    realising that you already possess all that is required for a speedy and final
    resolution. Do not make it harder than it needs to be.

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    SAGITTARIUS: (Nov 23 - Dec 22) “The Devil”

    You may be your own worst enemy this month Sagittarius! Perhaps giving
    into the temptation to gamble online beyond your means, overeating, neglecting
    your self-care, and allowing tormenting and negative thoughts to plague you. In
    a way, this is understandable as a result of self-isolating so very little to occupy
    your mind or motivate you in keeping busy. However, the solution lies with you.
    You can choose to carry on with the pursuits draining your energy and playing
    havoc with your emotional, physical and mental health or, alternatively, you
    can determine to regain control of YOUR life. What’s it to be Sagittarius? The
    Devil only requires you to be compliant and his work is done. Is that really
    what you want? Thought not!

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    SCORPIO: (Oct 24 – Nov 22) “Four of Wands”

    If you have been waiting for reinforcements in the form of people
    joining your “cause” Scorpio, then wait no more as May ushers them in. There is
    a successful solution to be found in where it is you work brought about by a
    lightening of the load you have been experiencing for some time. The phrase “Many
    hands make light work” springs to mind. You have done a great job so far but
    may feel you are beginning to flag a little with the overwhelming pressure to do
    your utmost for those in your care. Knowing that you and others are indeed not
    alone in your struggle proves to be the best medicine. The added resources
    coming to “rescue” you and others lifts your mood and the feeling of relief is
    incredible. There may also be tears!

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    LIBRA: (Sep 24 - Oct 23) “Six of Cups”

    Aw, bless you Libra! These few weeks may find you revisiting memories
    of happier times. Memories of being with those love, enjoying the hugs, banter,
    laughter and contentment may be a double-edged sword in bringing you not only
    joy but the sad realisation that this may not be possible perhaps for some
    considerable time to come. However, treasure your memories, accept that there
    is nothing you can do to change the reality we all share presently. Give
    yourself a wee virtual shake and a “talking to!” Yes, you CAN do it. Focus on
    the happy memories you can and will create when this horrible time comes to an end,
    which it most certainly will, okay? At least you are blessed to love and be
    loved so keep that close to your heart until it’s time to physically experience
    the hugs of those who most matter to you. All you can do for them is appear (and
    I realise not all of us find it easy) to be coping well which relieves them of
    the added worry of seeing you wobble! Be
    a wobble-free-zone for their sake.

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    VIRGO: (Aug 22 - Sep 23) ”Six of Swords”

    If you are poorly or struggling with a situation Virgo then I hope you
    will be reassured to learn that you are progressing to a place of renewed
    health and calmer waters. The strains and stresses that have assailed you in
    your journey through life for the past weeks or months have the potential to be
    overcome and resolved. You are about to reach a place of safety in your
    emotional, physical and mental health. Being restored to the best you can be
    will work in helping you make sense of what you’ve been called on to deal with
    and provide you with the strength of will to face the future with renewed
    optimism and faith that all will be well. However, don’t try to do too much too
    soon, as a gradual return to full health in all aspects will ensure it continues
    for the foreseeable future.

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    LEO: (July 23 - Aug 21) ”The World”

    Well lovely Leo, this is a wonderful Major Arcana card for you this
    month! All areas of your personal and professional life appear to harmonise
    therefore peace reigns overall. If you have been hoping to achieve something related
    to your profession, then look forward to a successful outcome. May brings in the
    just the opportunity you may have been waiting for to push for a promotion or
    change of job role so go for it! This would be looked upon favourably by those
    who have the power to grant your request. Home life is settled and joyful as
    everybody plays their part with love, patience and humour. A special feeling of
    closeness with those you love within your home has you feeling that all is
    right with your world no matter what is going on outside your door. Enjoy!

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    CANCER: (June 22 - July 22) “Six of Wands”

    Well done Cancer! May sees you not only accepting your enforced “imprisonment”
    but, if not enjoying it, at least utilising the time to the best of your
    ability. There is a sense of achievement throughout the month which may relate
    to successfully completing an online course, a diy project, writing the first
    few words or chapter of the book you’ve finally got the guilt-free time to begin,
    etc. etc. You may be looked to for leadership from those needing guidance and
    reassurance. These might be work colleagues or employees. Your feelings of hope,
    determination and enthusiasm for doing what you must to achieve progress, physically,
    mentally or emotionally, will inspire you to make this a very busy few weeks.
    There is much you can achieve Cancer, and success is within your grasp, so
    refuse to allow doubt in your abilities to creep it. Banish it, I say!!

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    GEMINI: (May 22 - June 21) “Queen of Pentacles”

    Your family is your main area of focus in May Gemini, so there may be
    plans afoot which involve closer, hopefully, virtual contact between you.
    Younger members of the family may seek out your time online to vent feelings of
    frustration and anger at being confined indoors and missing their friends. As always,
    your wise words and ability to communicate your love for them will reassure and
    calm them……until the next time. You must lead by example as they will seek to function
    through these troublesome times by doing what you do. Yes, it is a great
    responsibility lovely Gemini, but you are more than capable of going that extra
    mile when it relates to those you love the most. Share your acceptance of what
    is going on in the outside world with anybody who will listen and your
    determination to do your bit to help reach a positive outcome.

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    TAURUS: (Apr 21 - May 21) “Page of Wands”

    Lovely card for lovely Taurus! It speaks of being
    motivated or regaining the motivation to buckle down and get on with life as
    much as you can in these trying times. What can you do now to relieve your
    feelings of boredom and frustration at feeling “stuck?” As a “bull” you function
    best when you have a routine and know, more or less, what to expect every day. However,
    this nasty virus, has rocked your world and your schedule and has you teetering
    on the brink of toppling into the abyss of uncertainty and chaos. Your worst
    nightmare come true, eeek!! However, instead of teetering why not turn that
    wonderful, down to earth, no nonsense, mind of yours to those diy projects
    indoors or in the garden. Perhaps commit to an online course in building on the
    skills you already possess. Anything to provide you with the hands-on routine
    you so sorely need, especially now.

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    ARIES: (Mar 21 - Apr 20) ”Five of Cups”

    There is a sense of “shielding” with your card for
    this month Aries. It could be that you are afraid to reveal your true feelings
    to someone you are in a relationship with, be it romantic, a work colleague,
    family member or friendship. If you are wary and/or anxious as to how your
    words or actions will be received due to a similar situation not going well in
    the past, then it would be wise to plan exactly what, when and where you want
    to act. Things may be moving at speed so, to prevent your perfect opportunity
    being lost, it would be to your advantage to act sooner rather than later. Speak
    from the heart and all will be well and free you to move on in life.

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